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Install Validation Tool

When your company release daily builds, is it boring to check a lot of things after the build installed?

Manual check also meaning missing something or make mistakes.

So you need a tool to help you check the software products. And here is the one.

  • Support many common validation points after you installed a build. (See check list below)
  • Base on config files to do validation. so it is easy for you to generate a config for your own product without change the source code.
  • Do remote validation. This means you do not need to log on the target machine. This would be a great help if your product need to deploy on a many servers or in a complex environment.
  • Support to export validation result (format as .log .csv .xml).

Screenshot of Management Client 

Screenshot of Validation UI

Supported Check List:

1. Control Panel -> Uninstall Items Version Check

2. Binary version Check (Product Version, File Version)

3. Register check

4. File or Folder check

5. Database Check

6. COM Register Check

7. Windows Service Check

8. EventLog Check

9. GAC Assembly Check

You can also...

1. Check the remote server status

2. Execute Command line or Power Shell on remote server

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